Spring King Grand Luxe 1500 Memory Pocket Mattress

The Spring King Grand Luxe 1500 Pocket Mattress has been designed to provide sheer elegant luxury and comfort Built with incredibly supportive pocket springs and layers of premium fillings youll find its a pleasure to go to bed every nightUp to 1500 pocket springs are separately nested by hand in their fabric pockets and tied in with linen cord Each spring works on its own to support you allowing you to get unparalleled levels of personalised spinal support compared to a traditional mattress Layered over the springs there is soft deep knitted cover gentle yet springy and also a layer of supportive memory foamThe mattress also features a hypoallergenic layer designed to reduce allergens in the mattress so you can sleep well even if youre asthmatic or get hay fever Finishing everything off theres a soft Belgian tailored damask fabric with gentle felt tufts locking the fillings securely on top of the springs Contemporary hand tailored technology is used to provide a contrast border finish resistant to sagging keeping your mattress firm fresh and hygienic all night long
£ 209.95

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